Winning Awards – What are the benefits of winning upstream awards?

winning upstream awards

Winning awards as a company in the upstream oil and gas industry has many benefits. In this article, we look into the 4 ways your company can profit from winning an Upstream Award this year.

Has your company hired a number of new employees? Do you contribute to philanthropic endeavors? Do you have a great CEO or believe your company is a great place to work? It may be time to submit your company for an award.

Benefits of Winning Awards

Many companies shy away from the idea of entering into award competitions because they think it’s too self-promotional and they worry the entry might be too time-consuming.

The benefits of entering and winning an award largely outweigh any reasons not to.

Entering and subsequently winning awards makes your company shine and sets it apart from your competition. Here are four advantages to winning at Upstream Awards.

Winning Awards helps to elevate the status of your company.

Upstream Awards can raise the credibility of your company, its brand and products. An award also increases visibility for your company.   

Educate and attract.

Awards can draw new customers and new employees to your business.

Winning Awards improves company morale

Current employees are excited to share the news of an award with others. Awards can also build motivation within your team.

Increase customer loyalty.

Knowing that you are skilled and recognized for your work, team, product or service encourages customer loyalty and drives sales.

Upstream Awards – Judging Process

Upstream Awards panel of judges is made up of key business people. The panel also includes cultural leaders as well as eminent oil and gas stakeholders led by a chairperson.

The chairperson will preside over a nomination committee of prominent companies. In addition, he or she will preside nomination of individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life across upstream oil and gas value chain.

A transparent process will determine the winner for each of the award categories.

We aim to increase participation to be part of the upstream oil and gas industry . Winners of a few awards will be decided through a thorough nomination process.

In conclusion, I would propose that you consider being part of the upstream oil and gas awards this year.

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