Winning an Award – 6 Reasons Why Winning an Upstream Award is Great.

winning an upstream award

Winning an award at the prestigious Upstream Awards require attention and efforts. This is important when submitting an entry or when nominating someone or a company.

I was asked recently if winning an upstream award is good for you or your business. It is important to note that upstream awards are a peer-to-peer review mechanism. The awards focus on individuals or businesses that are contributing positively to the upstream oil and gas industry in Africa.

Here are six reasons I think upstream awards would benefit you:

Winning an Award Validates Your Work.

The journey starts by gaining validation from a number of sources, friends, business acquaintances and eventually through independent judges.

The process toward the upstream awards is inclusive and involves nominations from industry peers, then short-listing and eventful judging process.

Submitting your work, programs or activities you have done in the upstream oil and gas industry is a great way to showcase yourself or your organization.

Winning an Award Motivates your staff & key partners. 

You work long, hard and are passionate about what you do. These upstream awards gala event  also provide an opportunity for your team to have a night out.

These awards validates that you are on the right track, whether you win or not. It is great to be shortlisted

Focuses you on positive contribution to the industry. 

Upstream awards look at your personal or corporate contribution to the oil and gas industry. Therefore, entry into the awards requires you to be concise and clear on the activities you are undertaking.

You need to be able to articulate your contribution in a simple and clear way so the judges get the key messages.

Sharing this with your team and others helps you stay on message.

Confirmation for Investors, new & old.

Depending on the involvement of your investors, they also want confirmation they are backing a winner along the journey. It also helps you to be noticed by new investors.

Shows your potential customers you are well regarded. 

Your customers before they even buy the first product want to know your company and product is validated by the industry. That you are respected, trusted and a proven supplier.

Participating and being part of the upstream oil and gas awards is a clear indication to the market that the oil and gas industry regards you highly.

Winning an Award is a Great for your PR Efforts

This is the perfect opportunity to promote your company, or even launch a product at the upstream awards. Local and national press typically announce that you’ve won these prestigious awards and people are very keen to read more about your success.


In conclusion, I have to say there is great joy and pride in winning an award, especially on something you have worked on for many years.

I know there are many more reasons but thought this might help provide some ideas and motivate you to apply to be part of upstream awards this year.

The past awards event were great, and was covered by standard media group

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