11 Reasons Why Startups Need Business Incubation

why startups need business incubation

If you are thinking of starting a business, it is possible that you want to grow and become successful. It is also possible that you might not have all the resources you need to start your business. Have you considered joining a business incubator? I think you should, and I am going to share with you the reasons why startups need business incubation.

Over the last couple of years, incubators and accelerators have been growing in popularity. This is because of the many benefits of business incubation.

Your start-up or business can get value from being part of an incubation program.

For example, you will benefit from it if you do not have enough resources.

A business incubation program will provide you with everything you require, but at a much lower cost. This is better because you are going to save money on a number of things.

Your business can reach success quickly and on a massive scale. However, you need guidance and the right support. That is what you will get from a business incubator.

Some of the well-known and successful businesses were start-ups that used business incubation. I can think of AirBnB, Bolt and Dropbox among others.

These companies saw rapid growth and have very high market valuation today.

As an entrepreneur, you might be looking for ways to grow your business and expand into new markets.

You should consider business incubation as a means to achieving your growth objectives.

In the next section, I provide you with reasons why startups need business incubation.

Reasons Why Startups Need Incubators Today

As you begin to turn your idea into business, you will need support and guidance. A business incubation environment can provide that assistance.

Here are the reasons why start-ups need business incubation;

  1. Support system.
  2. Access to funding.
  3. Accelerate growth.
  4. Networking opportunities
  5. Professional resources.
  6. Partnerships
  7. Office space availability..
  8. Low cost equipment
  9. Exposure to mentors and business leaders
  10. Ability to test things out.
  11. Business structure

A good business incubator can help you to grow your start-up business. There are many benefits of joining a business incubation program.

Let us look at the reasons why any start-up business should consider being part of such a program.

11 Reasons Why Startups Need Business Incubation

If you are still wondering whether you should join a business incubator, here are eleven reasons why start-ups need business incubation;

  1. Support system.

As a start-up entrepreneur, you are going to have a huge support system when you join a business incubator.

You can draw experiences from mentors with years of expertise. They will guide, advice and support you in your business journey.

Start-up businesses get valuable insights from engagement with experienced mentors and business coaches.

  1. Access to funding.

Start up capital or funding can be difficult to come by. This is one of the major challenges that every entrepreneur faces.

Raising funds can be a struggle when you are starting a new business venture.

However, there are incubators that provide funding or capital as part of the program. These include angel networks.

Access to funding or capital one of the reasons why start-ups need business incubation.

A number of incubators will provide you with access to funding opportunities. This is done through programs that link investors with start-up firms that are promising.

  1. Accelerate growth.

If it is your wish and objective as an entrepreneur to grow your business, then you should consider being part of an incubator.

One of the reasons why start-ups need business incubation is to help them accelerate their growth. You can grow your business very rapidly.

An incubation program will help you avoid the mistakes many people make when trying to build a business. You will have access to resources and benefits of business incubation.

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It is possible for you to reap great dividends by joining a business incubation program. You will get funding, build networks and secure mentorship as some of the positive things from incubation.

Because of the low costs and expenses associated with incubators, you won’t need to take a substantial number of risks when trying to accelerate the growth of your start-up.

  1. Networking opportunities

When it comes to business networking is essential. Creating business networks an help you achieve both short-term and long-term growth.

In simple terms, business networking is the act of exchanging information and building relationships with other business leaders or founders of start-up companies.

When you join a business incubation program, you are going to meet and network with other entrepreneurs.

Incubation provides a good environment to create business relationships. Networking is a powerful tool to your business success

  1. Professional resources.

As a start-up being part of an incubation program provides you with access to professional resources. These might have been unavailable to you.

It is possible that you will be able to access such resources as business training, software and business tools. Others include administrative support, telephone services and internet access.

If you think about having this kind of support is very critical to the success of your business or product.

  1. Partnerships

Another reason why a start-up needs business incubation is in regards to building partnerships. This is a key aspect of growing your business.

When you are part of an incubation program, you might meet other entrepreneurs or business leaders with whom you can partner.

Forming partnerships is a strategy you can use to grow and expand your business.

  1. Office space availability.

Office rent is one of the largest operational expense that a new business incurs. When starting out, you might not be able to afford such a monthly expense.

It is worse if you do not have already established cash flow.

As you can see, this is one reasons startups need business incubation. Incubators offer a wide range of office spaces at a fraction of the cost you incur to buy or lease your own space.

What you find is that many incubation programs offer flexible office spaces to accommodate your needs and budget. This include shared offices, private office and single office cubicles.

I used to be in such a program when i started my business. It was a good and posh business address, yet the cost was very low. This allowed my business to focus on growth and serving customers.

  1. Low cost equipment

When you start a business, you might need to raise a lot of money to buy equipments you need to run the business.

However, one of the reason why start-ups need business incubation is having access to expensive equipment. These are equipment that your start-up firm would not have given lack or low start-up capital.

Most incubators avail modern equipment to the start-ups within their programs. In most cases, this because accessible to you at very low cost.

As part of the program, you might also get other supportive services like business training and office supplies.

  1. Exposure to mentors and business leaders

An incubator brings together different entrepreneurs. This provides a start up entrepreneur or founder with an opportunity to meet other leaders.

It is common for a incubator to organize for mentors who will guide you and provide expert advice. This allows you to create mentorship relationships.

I do not think there is nothing better than being guided by someone who has already built a successful business. You get practical and real advice. Learning from your mentor’s experiences will help you avoid some mistakes you would otherwise have made.

Many incubators will provide start-ups with access to business and industry leaders, which is another key business opportunity for your start-up that would have been difficult to otherwise obtain.

The reason that incubators provide access to these industry leaders is because a large number of businesses sponsor incubators and provide exclusive insight and access to industry information.

  1. Ability to test things out.

When you are building a company or business, you make mistakes. These can be very costly, in terms of money and also time.

However, when you join an incubator, you get an opportunity to test and fine-tune your idea. This is done through the many entrepreneurial meetings and workshops you will attend.

You will have a chance to build your idea to the point of creating a product you can take to the market.

  1. Business structure

Another reason why startups need business incubation is so that they can get much needed structure.

A business incubation helps you to create and have business structure. This is important when you are growing and expanding your business.

Having this kind of focus on the important aspects of your business is good. You will be able to scale your business and take it to the next level without much problems.

Because the infrastructure of running a business is already in place when you join an incubator, you will be able to focus solely on the core of your business without needing to worry about other things.

You will have the time necessary to complete all of the business goals and objectives that you have set for growth, which should facilitate your continued success now and in the future.


In conclusion, starting and building a business is not easy. It takes a lot of energy, sweat, determination and resilience.

It is not for the faint of heart.

You can be able to increase your chances of success by joining a business incubation program. There are many benefits and opportunities that come through such programs.

As you have seen above, there are reasons why startups need business incubation, and you should consider them.

You will be able to give your new business a great chance to grow and reach great heights.

Starting your own business can be exciting, but also daunting. You are going to face many challenges. It might be a better idea if you can have someone holding your hands.

Being part of a larger business family is going to help your business get off the ground. In this regard, a business incubator can be your perfect step towards taking your business idea to profitability and growth.