7 Reasons Celebrities are Obsessed with Awards

why are celebrities obsessed with awards

Getting an award and the appreciation that comes with doing great things is always a motivating thing. This applies to celebrities too. It includes what you see on the Oscar’s red carpet and the stories that follow on the tabloids or magazines. However, the real question would be; why are celebrities obsessed with awards?

There are many reasons why celebrities like attending award events. In fact, you might think that a celebrity is actually obsessed with a particular award or award show.

The truth is that it is human for a person to seek recognition. It is possible that you have also wanted to be recognized or given an award for the work you do.

For a celebrity, appearing in some of the prestigious award event is more than just getting the trophy itself.

In this article, I will share with you reasons that explain why celebrities are obsessed with awards. It involves personal and business reasons.

Being fascinated with awards comes from people’s interest in paying attention to those at the top. Celebrities know this and they consider it an opportunity.

Why Celebrities are Obsessed with Awards

As I mentioned above, there are several reasons why you might think that your favourite celebrity is obsessed with awards.

The reasons include;

  1. Prestige
  2. Publicity
  3. Marketing
  4. Build personal brands
  5. Earn money
  6. Showcase fashion
  7. Brand deals

When you think about it, you have to be very smart to understand the benefits that come with awards. Celebrities can see the opportunity to advance their personal or business interests through awards.

7 Reasons Celebrities are Obsessed with Awards

In this section, let me explain the seven reasons celebrities are obsessed with awards.

  1. Prestige

Awards come with a great deal of prestige. This is something celebrities really like.

There are very many benefits of being associated with a prestigious industry awards like the Oscars. It can be better if you win an actual award.

The prestige that comes with awards can improve a celebrity’s career or standing in the society.

  1. Publicity

If you have been following any major awards, you will notice that it comes with a lot of publicity.

A lot is written on the mainstream media about the event. This also happen on the blogs and tabloids. Magazines too write about the award.

This is huge publicity and if you are part of the award, it can be of great value to your personal brand.

Celebrities understand this and will do anything to be part of the publicity.

  1. Marketing

The power of awards in marketing is very huge. It is good to remember that behind the glamour is actual business.

Entertainment and fashion industry are lucrative sectors. Celebrities in these sectors will do anything to market themselves and their products.

Awards present great opportunity to advance their business agenda.

When you combine award with the publicity that come with it, then you can understand why celebrities are obsessed with awards.

  1. Build personal brands

Another reason why celebrities are obsessed with awards is because they use them to build their personal brands.

It is said that there is no bad or good publicity. That is true when it comes to building personal brands.

As a celebrity, understanding this is important. It helps one to leverage the power of awards to build their personal brand.

  1. Earn money

Making or generating an income is a good reason why some celebrities are obsessing about awards.

Some of the celebrities are getting paid to attend award events. Others are getting paid to perform at these glamorous events.

As you can see, the motivation for being obsessed with awards is and can be different to celebrities.

  1. Showcase fashion

Fashion industry is big and lucrative. A number of celebrities have invested in this sector.

You will find some have clothing lines, perfumes watches and shoes.

The obsession you find celebrities having with awards is because they use the award events to showcase their products.

It is usually a very smart move to walk the red carpet and get the publicity while promoting own products.

  1. Brand deals

Another reason why celebrities are obsessed with awards is related to the brand deal opportunities.

A number of companies or businesses have appointed the celebrities are brand ambassadors or promoters.

Therefore, there are brand deals that comes when a celebrity wins or is nominated for major awards. One way to monetize such is by securing a brand deal.

Product placement and trend forecasting at an event of this scale is of major importance.

It holds the unwavering interest of the media and public alike with blogs, newspapers and TV shows exploding with a collage of images of the best and worst dressed year after year so something must be working.

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In conclusion, it is clear that celebrities look at award events as an opportunity. It is why some celebrities are obsessed with awards today.

I hope you now understand why there is usually a lot of hype when it comes to awards. You can find the hype even on tabloids, magazines and on the social media channels of various celebrities.

Fashion is big business, and celebrities understand this.

I do not know if you have ever noticed that what a celebrity is wearing to an event is sometimes more important than the award he or she wins.

For example, Kate Winslet wore the infamous one shouldered red dress to the Oscars.

The person who created this dress, Ben de Lisi later said “I can’t possibly quantify how much publicity I got from that or how much money I made. And now, every time anyone writes about her they use the picture of her in the dress and so it just goes on and on.”

While there are other reasons why celebrities might be obsessed with awards, it is clear that they calculate their moves on the red carpet.

Awards are platform to build personal brand for celebrities. This in turn helps tap into the lucrative fashion business.