Upstream Awards – 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Attend.

upstream awards in 2019

Upstream Oil and Gas Awards is the ultimate platform to celebrate and recognize individuals or companies. The awards platforms considers those that are positively contributing to the upstream oil and gas industry in Africa.

The upstream awards will be held in Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. The upstream awards spreads the recognition across Africa

So should you or your organization’s representatives really make time to attend the upstream oil and gas awards ceremony? The answer is; YES

This is where your organization, products and services, and most importantly executives and employees will publicly receive applause for all their hard work.

The annual Upstream Oil and Gas Awards offer so many benefits. Both tangible and intangible. These are the benefits that you. or your organization’s representatives should consider, among others.

Let us look at the 5 great reasons why you should attend the upstream awards this year;

Upstream Awards Red Carpet Reception.

At the Oscars, movie actors and actresses are the stars. But at the 2020 Upstream Oil and Gas Awards, you are the real star.

You will walk the red carpet and a professional team of photographers will capture the moments forever. We shall celebrate your contribution to the upstream oil and gas industry.

The upstream awards ceremony consists of a red carpet walk for all attendees, a welcome reception and an award presentation ceremony. Also, there is a banquet, desserts and champagne, as well as music and entertainment.

Dinner tickets are required by finalists, winners and guests to attend this ceremony.

Attendance is highly recommended for the benefit of nominees and also the winners. You are people or organizations who have worked particularly hard in the upstream industry.

As a winner, you will receive a prestigious upstream award during the ceremony.

Want a Photo at the Upstream Awards Event?

At the awards ceremony, our team of photo and video professionals will work with you. This will be to create content that can be promoted for several months after this event. Actually, this content will be made available to the you after the event.

Past attendees have called it the ‘Oscars of Oil and Gas’ world. In fact some or part of the trophies and plaques given at this awards ceremony are unique and personalized.

The black tie/dress/tux formal upstream awards ceremony is both fun and memorable. You are encouraged to even bring your spouses/significant other to attend.

Tickets are required for each attendee including spouses/significant and others guests.

Increase Visibility at the Upstream Oil and Gas Awards

Upstream Awards is an opportunity where you can talk about your company, your products & services, and most importantly yourself.

Every opportunity to promote your company, your products & services, and most importantly yourself means more visibility. Upstream Awards ceremony presents you with this chance.

Your organization is a winner – and being represented in person at the awards ceremony has both tangible and intangible benefits. Your organization’s attendees will be invited on stage to accept their trophy/medallions.

Your organization’s attendees will have the opportunity to give a short speech we try to keep it short though). The trophy/medallion is something you will display and keep forever.

Social Media stations after the dinner will give you additional time to record video clips to promote your win, company, products & services, and many more.

You participate in the social media stations at the Upstream Awards ceremony.

Keep your message alive when you participate at the social media stations at the upstream awards ceremony.

Come prepared with a 2-5 minutes message that promotes you, your nomination, your win, company, products & services, and more. Everyone at the upstream awards is a winner!

All photos and videos will both be made available to you after the event through the awards websites.

Network with industry peers at the Upstream Awards

You never know who you’ll meet today or need tomorrow. That is why networking is of critical importance in the upstream oil and gas industry.

We live and work in a time of rapid and unprecedented change. That is why widening the circle of people you know through networking fosters deeper learning and also broadens your exposure across a range of business issues and opportunities.

In addition, you’ll benefit faster from exposure to their thinking, the problems they’ve solved, the mistakes they’ve made, their best practices and innovative ideas – and also the people they know.

We have heard from past attendees that they met their new client or prospects at the event. That the opportunity to network helped build business alliances, and partnerships with other organizations.

It’s an Upstream Industry Award

Upstream Awards brings together the entire upstream oil and gas industry. The world’s largest companies to some of the smallest companies are usually represented at these industry awards.

It brings together individual drawn from the entire upstream oil and gas industry. You should join them this year. It is a great platform to also continue to enhance your career in the oil and gas industry.

Being an industry award, you may use this recognition to promote yourself, your organization, and products & services further. Also, the awards seek to promote collaboration and business partnerships.

Many even bring their spouses/ significant others, business partners, key clients to attend. Tickets are required for each such guest/attendee to attend.


In conclusion, upstream oil and gas awards is an opportunity for you to network, promote and learn. In fact, by celebrating the winners, you get to know who is doing what and where.

All in all, it is a great chance to tell your own story.

I am available to engage more on this. Feel free to leave a comment below.