Awards – Your Ultimate Guide to Attending Awards Events in 2020


Awards are a recognition which is conferred to individuals or an organization for achieving something great. They are generally in the form of gifts, prizes, trophies, accolade, cash and certificates among other things.

What does an award mean?

The award indicates or showcases excellence or contribution made by an individual or an organization in a particular field. Therefore, the recognition is a way to celebrate their contribution.

The importance of any award is based upon the reputation or status of the award giver or the organization that gives the award. Normally, an award event is organized for giving an award.

With the current changing environment due to Corona Virus pandemic, it is envisaged that future award events will be virtual.

Joe Watson Gakuo

For example, Upstream Awards which was launched in 2017 is an award platform that celebrates and honors excellence in the upstream oil and gas industry.

In 2020 and beyond, Upstream Awards will host the awards ceremonies virtually.

An award could be local or an international award in nature.

Award vs Reward

The following are the some of the differences between award and reward:

  • An award will honor you for achieving something great and that is noteworthy. On the other hand, a reward will recognize your efforts and contribution to something.
  • An award is granted for incredible work or tremendous contribution in specific areas, achievement, etc. On the other hand, a reward is given for efforts done, services rendered, selfless act, helping someone, meeting targets in time, etc.
  • An award is in the form of cash, trophies or plaques. Conversely, a reward can be in the form of financial or non-financial benefit.
  • An award is publicized during an award gala event while a reward is normally given in private.
  • The panel of experts decides an award, but a reward is decided by the person who received some benefit from the act done by another person.
  • Nominations are done for every award. As opposed to reward, where no such nominations are done.

Purpose of Awards

The main purpose of an award is to celebrate, recognise achievements of a person or an organization. This aims at motivating and encouraging positive behaviours.

An award honors those who have made significant contributions to the society they live in or organizations where they work at.

For example, the purpose award is back in 2020. PRWeek U.S is launching these awards to recognize activations that use creative ideas to further positive causes.

The purpose awards will also celebrate the organizations and individuals behind them.

What are types of the Awards?

There are several types of awards, which covers various things and they include;

Business Awards

These are awards that are mainly about business and focused mostly on business related activities.

Entertainment Awards

These awards are mostly about fun and entertainment and they would include movie, music, arts, fun and sports awards.

Community Awards

These are awards that focus on the community or are administered by a community to deal with their community-based issues.

Employee Awards

These are the awards that are focused on employee achievements and also employee service awards. These awards recognize employees

Virtual/Online Awards

These are awards that are carried out or that take place entirely online or virtually. With the global corona virus pandemic, and increased working from home, this model is poised to increase.

Awards Process – Nomination, Judging & Announcements

Nominations are made for each award category to disclose the name of equally eligible and competent personalities. The individuals or organizations who fulfill the specified criteria are thus nominated, and finally, the best man or woman among all is awarded.

The decision to judge and choose is a difficult task, so the judgment to pick the right person is done by either a panel of experts or by voting where people selects the winner or by award organizers.

When this process is complete, the award winners are officially rewarded with certificates, trophies, plaques and other forms of recognition. In some cases, the rewards include cash prizes.

What is a Prestigious Awards?

Most organizers of award events tell us that theirs is the most prestigious one. But what does ‘prestigious award’ really mean?

In simple terms, this would basically mean that the award has or comes with “prestige”, “well thought of”, “held in high regard”, or “well respected”.

When you think of prestigious awards, you would not be wrong to think of the Oscars, the Academy Awards or even Upstream Awards (Hahaha!)

What is the most prestigious award in the world?

It is said, and I would agree that the Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in the world. Can you imagine winning one?

Examples of Awards

Examples of awards include;


CSS Design Awards

Website Awards

Award Trophies and Plaques

Elegant, professional awards and trophies customized to your brand and design specifications.

If you are organizing or planning to host an awards event, or to recognize your employees, then you need to ensure you have the right trophy or plaque.

You can get custom plaques and trophies, which would fit your small celebration or a large corporate event. You can use them to express your gratitude with these custom awards

The award can be engraved with information and any other artwork or logo.

Make them feel appreciated by rewarding them with your grateful words on premium engraved plaques.

If you are an awards event organizer, it is important to ensure that you source the right award or trophy. Quality is very important.

You can personalize the awards with engraving which would be a perfect way to appreciate employees, corporate or award winners.

This can be in the form of statue awards, glass or crystal awards and star awards in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.

Awards Events Dress Code

You will rarely find a poorly dressed person being harassed by the paparazzi at award events.

In some instances, celebrities can make sartorial errors as we have seen from Lionel Messi and Sasha Baron Cohen have shown in the past. With photographers and videographers at the award event you are or want to attend, it would be best to avoid making mistakes with your awards event dress code.

It is important to ensure that you dress the part, whether attending an awards ceremony, a corporate event or a formal dinner.

Awards ceremonies are mostly black tie events and this means you need to have elegant shoes, a luxury jacket and smart trousers, pants or dress.

You can play around with your accessories.

However, a black tuxedo will make you look stylish and classy. An award event is great opportunity to have fun with how you look.

What do you wear to a gala awards night?

Award event and gala etiquette requires you have an evening dress or suit, sleek shoes and great accessories.

It is important to ensure you feel or are comfortable in whatever choose to wear.

The type of the awards event will determine what you should wear. An event invitation should and will provide you with everything you need to know about what to wear, because it will be indicated.

For example, if the event is a formal sit down dinner, then you can wear stunning shoes which kill your feet as you will not be standing all night.

However, if it is a cocktail event, then it is a good idea to wear shoes that are comfortable because you could be standing for a longer period of the event.

Awards Event Dress Code Explained

The clothes you will wear to an awards event will be determined by a number of factors. This is because different occassions require different dress code. Your dress code will be based on the following;

Type of the Awards Event

The type of the awards, and the invitation you receive will dictate what you will wear. Here are some of the dress codes you will find on your event invitation.


This means that women should wear cocktail length dresses which hit just above or below the knee. As for men, they should wear suits but not necessarily formal.


Men should wear a complete suit with a tie, and women should wear longer cocktail length or full length dresses.

Black Tie:

Black tie is a formal attire. Men should wear a complete tuxedo. On the other hand, women should wear full length dresses or gowns.

Having said that, let me say this; if you are not sure what to wear, at least ensure that you stick to the type of dress code indicated in your invitation.


The industry for which the event is being held for will also determine the outfit you should wear. At creative awards ceremonies, guests tend to wear in a more relaxed manner.

However, if you are attending a corporate or financial industry awards event, then it would be wise to wear something formal.

Body Shape

It is important to know and understand your body shape or figure. It does not matter whether you are walking to your local shops or attending the most prestigious gala awards night.


A majority of people will wear black to awards gala events and while black is a great colour, you will want to accessorise with great metallic or brightly coloured accessories.

Silver accessories are great for a traditional combination.

Prepare Yourself

It would be important that you are prepared when going to the awards event. Do this by making sure you have all the little essentials including a compact.

With everyone’s attention on the main stage as they hand or receive the trophies or awards, take your compact out and have a little look

Dressing for an important awards ceremony is all about feeling confident in what you have on and choosing something that flatters your figure while maintaining the event dress code.

I hope this list of tips has given you some helpful guidance to ensure that you make the best-dressed list for the evening with elegance and style

Awards Photography and Videography

Every gala event will require the services of photographers and videographers.


Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image.

With the right camera gear, you can do a lot. However, using your phone can also work well in capturing moments important to you at an awards event.

For professional look, you will need to use the services of a professional photographer or agency that will bring along their cameras, lenses and post-event processing capacity.


This refers to the process of taking videos at an award event. Capturing videos can be done using your phone and it can be done by a dedicated team of videographers.

The videographer is usually a camera operator of a professional video camera, sound, and lighting. Videographers maintain and operate a variety of video camera equipment, sound recording devices, edit footage, and stay up to date with technological advances.

Awards Food and Drinks

A prestigious gala event is organized to celebrate the winners. In some events, guests are treated to sumptuous meals and flowing champagne or drinks.

For example, now that we are working from home, you can buy moet & chandon or dom perignon champagne online and enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

How to Win an Award Tips

Awards are important, not just to an individual but also to an organization. That is why you or your business should win an award.

As a business leader you know recognition is important. You want your company to win awards, but in most cases you might not be sure it is a good investment in time or money.

Some awards come with other tangible benefits like workshops, coaching, advise or membership in associations.

However, you will need to choose what award to enter and that can be local, national or one of the international awards programs available.

It could also be industry-focused or might demand very specific criteria.

Given the fact that resources are always limited, putting your name or company forward for an award is not always a priority.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Awards Entry

However, entering for an award could turn out to be a great thing. Here are some five reasons I think you should do it;

Benchmark in your industry

Entering and trying to win a business award is a great idea in that it helps you the opportunity to compare your organization with others in your sector.

The process of submitting to an award nomination could provide even more value than actually winning the award.

Increase Credibility for your Firm

When you win an award, you increase your credibility by getting other third party endorsements to your brand.

Some awards are considered as the ultimate stamp of approval and authority in an industry, and this could provide great marketing value for your business.

Publicity and Marketing Opportunities

Think about it this way; even by simply being a nominee for an award, you can improve your personal or corporate brand awareness in your industry.

This would attract new customers to your business.

Winning an award can lead to new businesses and new contacts which will open business or career opportunities for you.

Employees Motivation

Winning an award will improve the morale and the motivation of your staff. It is important to share your business victory with your employees.

Attract Talent

Winning an award helps your business to attract talent. People like working for or associating with winners.

The battles for the right talent in the market is vicious and recognition will help you to attract it.

Award 2019, Awards 2020 and 2020/2021 Calendar

The 2019/2020 awards calendar will be updated throughout the year as new dates for film’s biggest and best awards are announced.

With the Oscars moved up two weeks, guilds and critics groups will be scrambling for high priority weekends and venues. Film festivals like Sundance (Jan 23 – Feb 2), Santa Barbara (Jan 15 – 25) and Palm Springs (Jan 2 – 13) will suddenly be smashed up against more than they’re used to. The Super Bowl and the Grammys are in the mix, too.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy season.

Some Famous Awards and Prizes

Awards celebrate great achievements and when this happens, the winners receive prizes, trophies and other rewards.

These prizes are given across industries from sports, to entertainment, to science and to business among others.

All the prizes are aimed at celebrating and recognising individuals or organizations that make positive contributions to what they do or line of their work.

Some to the famous awards and prizes include;

Nobel Prize

This is the most prestigious award in the world and it is named after Alfred Nobel. Prizes are awarded in chemistry, physics, literature, medicine, economics and peace.

Booker Prize

This is a literary award handed out every year to an author whose outstanding novel was published the previous 12 months

Academy Awards

Also known as the Oscars, these are handed out every year to actors, directors, producers and film professionals who worked on the previous year’s best films.


To make a conclusion, it is important that you note that awards celebrate hard work and the energy behind the efforts.

However, it is not just the winning that is critical but also the process of being nominated and submitting entries that is often worth the effort.

It would be great to work with a person or organization that will help you get the most out of the awards in your industry.

The energy behind the process is everything, and that is why am excited about you, and the journey we are about to embark on together.

If any of the above resonates with you and your business, I would love to talk with you. Not only do we organize Upstream Awards, we can help you to ensure you or your business can win an award you richly deserve.