Virtual Events – 3 Reasons You SHOULD Attend the Oil & Gas Virtual Summit in 2020

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Virtual events are the new normal. Oil and gas virtual summit is an event being held in response to the impact of covid-19 and collapse of oil prices in the oil and gas sector. It is an event dedicated to creating thought provoking conversations through the summit’s speaker line-up.

As part of our series of virtual events, this one is a place where oil and gas leaders, and professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create business partnerships and do business deals.

It is also a platform where you will identify solutions and strategies that will help your business for the months and year ahead.

The current oil and gas landscape is rapidly-changing. This means that you need to be innovative towards your business development and lead generation efforts.

Oil & Gas Virtual Summit is dedicated to creating the most valuable content in the oil and gas industry today. It will help you navigate through this difficult period.

Virtual Events – Birth of the Oil & Gas Virtual Summit

In March this year, when the world was beginning to feel the full impact of COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing became the new normal, the Oil & Gas Virtual Summit was created.

The purpose of the event being to promote social distancing while addressing the challenges arising from the oil price crash and the impact of COVID-19

With the aim of bringing together top oil and gas business experts, industry thought leaders, independent oil companies, government, key stakeholders, strategic thinkers and operational leaders.

Oil & Gas Virtual Summit is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey throughout the upstream value Chain on how to deal with the current crisis, adapting to a new world order and how to succeed going forward.

Oil & Gas Virtual Events – Joe Watson Gakuo

The Oil & Gas Virtual Summit is the brainchild of Joe Watson Gakuo, who is also the founder of the Upstream Awards. It is part of his love for the upstream oil and gas industry that has made him a darling for many in the industry.

This summit is a unique initiative that provides you with the option to watch the various sessions on-demand. The event agenda or program will comprise of presentations, interview and panel discussions.

Bubbles & Business Virtual Networking Session

One of the most interesting add-on to the oil and gas virtual summit is the Bubbles & Business Networking Session.

This is a live and interactive networking session. This session also includes entertaining.

This is a great opportunity for you to build relationships, get entertained and meet other participants from wherever you are.

Virtual Events – 3 Oil & Gas Virtual Summit Benefits

You will benefit from five days’ worth of content with C-Suite and Senior Executive leaders covering a broad range of topics. The objective is to help you navigate the current problems being faced within the industry.

The three key benefits of attending this event are;

1. Getting inspired

The world is in a crisis, and you might be feeling down today. Maybe your business is doing badly, maybe your contract has been terminated and maybe you already have lost or about to lose your job.

Talking to people in situations similar to yours and talking about topics that can help you to grow and expand your business tends to be incredibly motivating.

Plus, this kind of conversation oftentimes results in making goals that you can stick to. When you are interacting with people with goals that are like yours, you tend to encourage and motivate one another and help one another access the tools needed to strive.

We shall get out of this crisis together.

2. Staying updated on trends

With the presentations, interview and panel discussions, you will learn new trends in the oil and gas industry. The new tools and resources all you to stay on top of your game.

You will have an opportunity to discuss them and what they mean for your business with other similar business leaders or professionals in the industry.

3. Building strong relationships

You will meet and connect with like-minded leaders and professionals, people keen to take the oil and gas industry forward. Creators and proponents of solutions that will be part of the new normal in doing business in the industry.

If your goal is to build your network, and to meet new people, then you should most certainly attend the Oil & Gas Virtual Summit.

You will also gain a better understanding of how to move forward strategically.

Joe Watson Gakuo, organizer and host of the event said “We are excited to host this event and provide a platform to discuss the problems and solutions needed. We are passionate about the industry and the success of everyone in the value chain”.

The summit is on-demand and online only. There is no travel, no approval forms to complete, and no re-scheduling of meetings so that if you attend, you will have a week of work to catch up on.


In conclusion, the twin challenges of corona virus and the collapse of oil demand in the world is a huge problem in the oil and gas industry today. You have even witnessed negative oil prices, a first in the oil industry.

Businesses are performing badly, people are losing jobs and the virus is still a problem in many countries in the world.

The big goal of the oil and gas virtual summit is to help you move your business forward, and to get ahead of the curve. Our virtual events are designed to be of value to you.

To attend, REGISTER here.

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