Oil and Gas Projects; Top 5 Oil and Gas Projects to Watch in Africa

oil and gas projects in africa

Oil and gas projects in Africa to watch are spread across the continent. This presents great opportunities for business that you should consider. I have listed the top 5 oil and gas projects for you, because pursuing them will gives you immense potential;

Mozambique LNG Oil and Gas Projects

A state-of-the-art facility is being built on the Afungi peninsula in Cabo Delgado province. It will tap into the approximately 75 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas said to lie in Offshore Area 1.

The project aims to deliver those natural, sustainable as well as cleaner gases to various markets.

Final investment decision has been reached, and even with the change in operatorship happening with the take over of Anadarko, this project is now running full steam ahead.

Mozambique Area 4 – Coral FLNG & Rovuma LNG

Area 4 contains approximately 85 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. ExxonMobil is stating that “tens of billions of dollars” are expected to be invested into creating a “world-class LNG project”, helping transform Mozambique into a major global energy player.

Coral FLNG, operated by Mozambique Rovuma Ventures & lead by Eni, is well underway having passed FID back in 2017.

The Reef Consortium (Technip, JGC, SHI) are constructing the vessel in South Korea, and when ready it will travel down to Mozambique and start production from the 5Tcf gas filed at Coral South (in Area 4).

ExxonMobil is leading construction and operation of the Rovuma LNG facitlity, based on the Afungi peninsula , which will process the gas from the Mamba Complex in Area 4, offshore Mozambique.

Other benefits predicted from the project’s success include delivering significant revenue to Mozambique’s economy and new industrial opportunities.

Construction alone for the project is on track to create 5,000 local jobs and promote local skills development. In addition, local workers set to receive two million hours of training in total.

Tortue Ahmeyim Oil and Gas Projects

Based offshore on the maritime border of Mauritania and Senegal, the Tortue Ahmeyim project is a field development operated by BP.

BP has awarded TechnipFMC a large contract, between $500 million to $1 billion, to build the FPSO unit to be deployed for phase 1 of the project.

Total gas resources in this field are 15 trillion cubic feet. The gas produced is for export as well as domestic use in Mauritania and Senegal. Jobs will be created in addition to improving economic boost to the economies.

Phase 1 reached FID in 2018. Phase 2 & 3 pre feed has commenced for the onshore facility, which is due to be ready for production in 2024.

Tanzania LNG Liquefaction Plant

This is a $30 billion project. However, it is being delayed to such issues as delay in regulations, land acquisition issues as well as establishing legal framework for the hydrocarbon industry.

However, although negotiations are still on-going, the government recently announced that construction will commence in 2022. The with expected completion is in 2028.

The government of Tanzania is keeping a tight reign on its resources. The laws passed recently give even greater control of future projects which may be discouraging investors.

EACOP/Tilenga Oil and Gas Projects

East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) is an oil export project designed for transporting crude oil. This is from Kabaale-Hoima near Lake Albert in Uganda to the Chongoleani peninsula, close to Tanga port in Tanzania.

The heated pipeline will be 1,443km in length with 216Kbd the expected flow rate per day. It will be heated because Uganda’s crude oil is waxy and solidifies at room temperature.

The project is promising residents of Uganda and Tanzania more local jobs and new infrastructure. In addition, there will also be enhancements in the central corridor between the two regions and more.

Already EACOP has seen $3.5 billion USD in investment, and a 60% increase in foreign direct investment in Uganda and Tanzania.


In conclusion, the above oil and gas projects highlight the many opportunities available to you. This list is not exhaustive and I would advise you to look into other projects closer to you.

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