How To Prepare For Golf Tournament This Year

upstream golf tournament

Prepare for golf tournament – Preparation is a key factor in determining your final performance. However, many amateurs overlook this simple area.  Great golf tournament preparation is a quick win for boosting performance and saving a couple of shots each round.

Upstream Oil and Gas Golf

Upstream oil and gas golf tournament is hosted every year, and this year it is coming up in a few weeks.

Since inception in 2017, the golf tournament provides an annual platform for the oil and gas value chain to engage, network and discuss key issues in the industry.

I have therefore put together this article to get you in the best possible shape to achieve success during the upstream golf tournament:

Why Prepare for a Golf Tournament?

What will your strategy be for the round? Do you know what clubs you’ll hit off each tee and into the greens and where your targets will be? What are the good misses and the bad misses for each shot? What are the slopes on the greens? This will all need to be figured out before your round, so you get to each tee box feeling 100% prepared.

Golf Tournament Preparation – Short Game

At this point your aim is not to change or refine your short game technique. Instead, your aim here is to get very good at guessing what shots to play, how the ball reacts out of different lies and how the ball lands and rolls on and around the greens.

How to Win at Upstream Oil and Gas Golf Tournament.

Many of our behaviours and actions are predetermined by what is already in our subconscious mind. With the subconscious mind not being able to reason or know the difference between what is real or imagined, you can shape it on how to win at golf tournaments by using visualization.

Spend 5-10 minutes before each round, imagining yourself hitting the shots you would like to in the round.

By seeing this success before you play, you give your subconscious mind a “green light” that it is something to move towards and not be fearful of.

What to Avoid the Evening before a Golf Tournament

Going over all the possible scenarios and outcomes for the golf tournament round the evening before is only going to create performance anxiety.

You’ve done your preparation, you have your plan and you have to do your best to take your mind off it.

If you notice yourself fretting about it or giving it too much attention, direct your attention elsewhere and do something that takes your mind away from it.

Practice Golf Prior to a Tournament

Most good golfers try to practice how they play. This means a couple of different things.

First, you prepare for golf tournament with a purpose. You put yourself in a realistic game time situation. It is important to get your mind used to some pressure.

Use games or compete against a friend before the upcoming upstream golf tournament. Take it seriously and get used to “grinding”. This will not only help your game, but it will get you ready for tournament golf.

The second thing to remember is to develop a repeatable pre-shot routine. The same pre-shot routine should be done on each shot during practice rounds – not just each shot during tournament rounds.

This will help you get in a groove and repeat your swing.

Be Aware of Your Golf Swing Tension

Before and during any round, tension awareness is key, even more so when playing under pressure.

Tension and tempo changes the golf swing more than anything else, so noticing grip pressure, tension in arms and shoulders etc., should be an integral part of your pre-round warm up and then maintaining it during your round.

Golf Tournament Grind

Golf is a difficult game, which is one of the great allures of the game. There are too many variables in the game for it to ever be easy or for a player to attain perfection.

There will always be ups and downs – the ups being easier to deal with than the downs. Accepting that you will make mistakes and that there will be challenges to overcome is a positive step.

Have a plan for dealing with the bad breaks, 3 putts, double bogeys and the like. These are an inevitable part of the game, so it’s better to prepare for them than be shocked by them!

Prepare Mentally for a Golf Tournament

 “There’s golf and then there’s tournament golf”. All of us that have played in golf tournaments understand what this quote means. This quote does not just apply to professional golf events.

Amateur golfers can feel the same nerves before a big event. The mental aspect of the game has ended a lot of good players’ careers. Golf seems to be tougher than other sports when it comes to the mental side.

Getting mentally prepared to play can be the difference between a good round and a bad one.

Whatever the tournament or round, the way you are going to get access to the best skills you have on that day is through the mental game.

Warming Up before the Golf Tournament

Too many players use the warm-up as a practice session and begin judging their swing and making fixes.

For me, the purpose of the warm-up is physically warm-up your muscles, find your rhythm, be aware of any tension, and get into “playing mode” by going through your pre shot routine and hitting some of the shots you’ll be faced with on the course.

Try limiting the number of balls you hit to 26 (2 balls with each club) or 39 ball (3 balls with each club). This will get you more into the “one shot mentality” and you will be less tempted to try and fix your swing.

What You Should Eat Before Golf Tournament.

Eating and drinking properly in the days leading up to, the morning of, and during your rounds will undoubtedly be a factor in your performance.

Proper diet, and food biting during a round of golf will help you in having great concentration. In addition, you will avoid being fatigued.


In conclusion, golf is a privilege not an entitlement. A shift in perspective can help take some pressure off.

Have an attitude of gratitude attitude for the opportunity to be out there playing our beautiful game, there are many worse things that you could be doing, so enjoy it and embrace it!

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