Golf Tournament Food Guide – 3 Key Meals You Should Eat During Upstream Golf Tournament

golf tournament food guide

Eating healthy food during or before a golf tournament is important to you as a golfer. This golf tournament food guide is important to help you know what to take for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It ensures that they take the right food and at the right time. This is key especially during a golf tournament.

Anybody who has been involved with either running or organizing a golf tournament knows that the actual golf is a very small part of a larger event.

Many times, more people attend the dinner and awards reception than those who actually play in the tournament. Why? Because not everybody plays golf, but everybody eats!

In this article, we go over the dos and do not’s of arranging your tournament’s food & beverage order.

Breakfast Golf Tournament Food Guide

The most important meal of the day, right? Right! As a golfer, set yourself up for success with arranging a breakfast prior to tee off. The beauty of breakfast is that your options are open, it’s easy to find something that fits perfectly with what you want to do.

Another beauty of a golfing breakfast? It’s usually one of the most cost effective options to add value to your tournament. To keep things simple, a continental breakfast will keep everybody happy with only standard continental breakfast items and coffee/ juice varieties.

You can also have a classic breakfast buffet with scrambled eggs and the regular breakfast favourites.

Lunch – Golf Tournament Food Guide

As with breakfast, you have so many options with lunch, you can tailor your choice to fit exactly what you want. If you were going to include lunch prior or during play, your two best options are: either a classic box lunch or a BBQ lunch at the turn.

The box lunch standard includes: a deli sandwich, bag of chips, cookie, and bottled water. Vegetarians or tuna sandwiches are often add-ons… typically box lunches are split between ham and turkey. The box lunch is a great way for you as a players to have a portable option that you can pick up and put away as they like.

BBQ Lunch

A BBQ lunch at the turn is something easily done, as long as it is coordinated well with the golf course staff. Many courses have BBQ grills that can be set up in high traffic areas of the course.

You will get a lunch ticket for the BBQ station, and the player can pick up a hamburger/chicken burger, any sides provided, and something to wash it all down. For something a little more formal, arrange a buffet lunch for prior to or following the tournament.

Buffet options will typically range from a BBQ-style buffet similar to what is mentioned above, to a ‘Build-Your-Own’-style taco and fajita buffet, a classic American buffet with roasted tri-tip and marinated chicken, or even a trip through Italy with your choice of pasta and chicken parmigiana.

The golf course will usually be more than happy to work with you on a specialized lunch tailored to your needs. Lunch is an important part of golf tournament food guide. When ordering a buffet, be sure to clarify with the golf course on what food items are/are not subject to an extra sales tax or service charge. To save yourself from any surprises on the day of, just ask your tournament manager to include all taxes and service fees within the overall price per guest.

Upstream Golf – Dinner After Playing

You made it! You have had a long day and I can bet that you are starving. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to network with other guests and have a great reception.

As mentioned previously, golf is only a small part of the upstream tournament day. It is best to think of the tournament as a full event and not just a ‘golf tournament.’

You’ll be surprised at how many people show up for the dinner who did not actually play in the tournament, and knowing this, the dinner and awards ceremony are another opportunity to network, fundraise, and get to know more people. 

Appetizers at tournament reception dinners are typically served buffet-style unless servers are pre-arranged with the food and beverage team. You will also enjoy a full dinner meal as well as drinks.

The golf awards and reception dinner is the highlight of the upstream golf event. This is where everyone gathers to enjoy the food, the prize awards ceremony, the raffle, and announcements.

It marks the end of months of planning and hard work for our team. We take this opportunity to thank you for coming together to make the 2020 edition of upstream golf tournament a success.

We celebrate the conclusion of another great event and wish to remind you to save the date for next year! It will be held on Friday, 19th February, 2021at Sigona Golf Club.