Event Videography – Top 19 Tips To Have Great Event Videos in 2020

event videography

Event videography is an important part both social and corporate events. In both cases, you should aim to create polished and great event photos, whether you are a professional videographer or an amateur.

You do not have to spend on expensive videography equipment or film making studios. You need to pay attention to the basic tips that will ensure you shoot a great video, and which you can share with your friends.

Meaning of Event Videography

Event videography is defined as the process of capturing or recording events by a videographer. This is a form of documenting an event.

Types of Event Videography

There are several types of event videography or video production. The common ones include the following;

  • Film Production
  • Awards Gala Ceremonies
  • Event Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Wedding Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Marketing Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Advocacy Videos

Videography and cinematography – Differences

Videography and cinematography are two words in video filming and production that are very confusing. You can be lost trying to figure out which is which.

Videography is the art of taking good videos while Cinematography is the art of conveying a message through the videos.

For example, If you are into capturing birds in a really cool angle, that would be videography. But, if you want to tell a story, represent something, and make people feel something through my videos, that is cinematography

Videography Jobs

If you are looking for a job in the videography industry, you can find one. There are opportunities available for you and they include;

  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Freelance Videographer
  • Assistant Videographer

What are the important events in videography?

  • Videography events
  • Anniversaries.
  • Athletic competitions.
  • Birthdays.
  • B’nai Mitzvah.
  • Dance competitions.
  • Dance recitals.
  • First Communions.
  • Funerals.

Event Videography – 19 Tips for Great-Looking Videos

In an effort to help you take or rather shoot great-looking videos, we have compiled a list of nineteen tips and techniques for your use.

These event videography tips are timeless, and this means you can always refer to them as a guide in videography. They would also be useful if you decide to pursue a career in videography or if you choose to become a cinematographer.

Try them out and learn them by heart. Along the way, not only would these help you produce more professional-looking videos that will impress your audience but they will also help you realize your potential and own creative filmmaking style.

  1. Gather Your Equipment
  2. Plan Your Shoot
  3. Have Good Lighting
  4. Keep Background Simple
  5. Improve Your Composition
  6. Observe Proper Camera Placement
  7. Use Manual Focus
  8. Set Your White Balance
  9. Evenly Expose Scenes
  10. Apply Cinematic Techniques
  11. Avoid Shaky Shots
  12. Time Your Shots
  13. Shoot to Edit
  14. Save Your Work
  15. Seek Expert Advise
  16. Use the Rule of Thirds
  17. Always Cut ‘On the Action’
  18. Choose Music Carefully
  19. Do Not Overdo Effects

These video filming tips will prove to be very useful, whether you’re shooting a more high-end production or simply creating a vlog that your viewers or blog readers will love watching.


In conclusion, I am hoping that this article has provided you with great ideas on event videography, and some of the tips you can use in creating your own videos.

If you have questions or comments about the points raised above, or anything else related to videography at award events, let me know in the comments.

I will do my best to respond to you. Happy shooting!