Golf Course Eating Habits – What to Eat on the Golf Course

Golf course eating habits are very important in your journey as a golfer. This is especially true during a golf tournament or a round of golf. But the more important question should be;

“What hole are you on?”

What this means is that your dietary needs in the golf course change as the round progresses.

Before a round begins, you should consume a meal rich in protein (eggs, meat, fish), healthy fats (salmon, avocado, nuts), low-glycemic complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and beans, and small quantities of whole-grain starches such as potatoes, quinoa, rice or whole-grain breads.

But once a round begins, what you consume should reflect how far along you are. This would be the basis of your golf course eating habits, based per hole.

Golf Course Eating Habits – Super 6 Strategy

On the course, the ‘Super 6 Strategy’ is your best bet for optimal performance. If you choose to eat during the first six holes, your goal is to stabilize energy levels. That means you’ll want to eat low-carbohydrate foods. Fruits such as apples, pears, oranges or berries can be paired with a handful of nuts, for example. The fiber in the fruit and the fat in the nuts digest slowly to keep your energy level from varying.

Golf Course Eating Habits – Hole 7 to 12

The objective over the next six holes (seven to 12) is to maintain energy levels with foods or snacks that provide a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. For the more adventurous, homemade protein bars or balls are a great option. If you’re not into cooking, go with a whole-grain sandwich with peanut butter, tuna or chicken. A simple whey protein shake (add banana) also is a good option.

Final 6 Holes – Golf Course Eating Habits

The nutritional goal over the final six holes is to provide a surge of energy to finish well and maintain concentration over clutch shots. The use of higher-carbohydrate snacks such as dried fruit, or even a low-sugar sports drink is recommended. These options provide instant energy to the muscles and brain. The addition of caffeine also can help, as it stimulates the central nervous system, heightening alertness and concentration. Black coffee or tea is ideal.


In conclusion, it is unrealistic to think a golfer will eat three different meals during a round, he does maintain that at least one meal is crucial. Natural beef snack is a great option early in the round. A protein bar, fruit or nuts would be wise choices in the middle of the round. And late in the round, quick-energy sources are okay as part of your golf course eating habits.

And what about post round? While a pint of beer sounds great, keep in mind that it will impair muscle recovery and promote dehydration.

The post-round meal should be similar to the pre-round meal. Quality protein, healthy fat, low-glycemic complex carbohydrates, and slightly larger portions of starchy carbohydrates to help restore energy levels. And drink a lot of water.

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Golf Tournament Foods – What to Eat or Drink after a Golf Tournament

Golf tournament foods are essential to golfers when planning for a golf tournament like the upstream golf tournament. Sometimes golfers think that the rules of sports nutrition don’t apply to them or that they can tough out a tournament with minimal dietary preparation.

But the reality is just the opposite. Because golfers play multiple rounds during a day or play multiple days back-to-back. Therefore, it is essentially impossible to perform well in every game if you aren’t taking in food and fuel.

While this may seem like the time when your body is the least picky about food, performing at your peak requires a game day nutritional game plan.

Here are some tips and recommendations for snacks during tournament play:

Your tournament snacks should, ideally, be as food-like as possible.

On the spectrum of energy drinks, protein powders, gels, Shot Bloks, and protein bars to sandwiches, bananas, and nuts, try to have the majority of your fuel be real food. Real food means food that is minimally processed and doesn’t contain tons of added preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals, and additives.

Sports nutrition products are often a mishmash of weird ingredients. The ingredients for Shot Bloks, for example, are tapioca syrup, dried cane syrup, maltodextrin, pectin, citric acid, caffeine, electrolytes, and a handful of stabilizers and preservatives. These aren’t real foods — and while they might give you a burst of energy, their “nutrition” is unsustainable for a full day of any sport.

Real foods, or golf tournament foods that are made up mostly of real foods like fruit, nut, and seed-based bars provide calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and electrolytes, giving your body real energy to run hard.

If you’re concerned about electrolytes, or if you’re playing in hot and humid weather, I recommend electrolyte enhanced drink tablets like Nuun, which offer sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium but with no added sugars.

There is, however, a time and a place for sports drinks, gels, and Shot Bloks — and that’s for athletes who can’t handle much, or any, solid food during a tournament. See below…

Golf tournament foods should fuel you through eight or more hours of ultimate.

As I’ve mentioned before, playing golf all day burns a good amount of calories–and it’s important to fuel your body while you’re playing. This starts with a healthy breakfast.  

After that, what, how much, and how often you eat depends on how well you can digest food and then exercise immediately after. These factors can vary quite a bit between golfers, so it’s important to figure out what works for you.

Practice is a perfect time to figure out the types and timing of snacks that will maximize your performance. In general, snacks should combine carbohydrates, protein, and fat–but the exact ratios will be different for everyone.

There are a slew of studies that claim that one carb to protein to fat ratio—or fueling with fluids as opposed to solids–is better than another, but it’s important to remember that real life isn’t a clinical study. We’re not playing in a laboratory where all confounding variables are controlled; just because fifteen male endurance cyclists cycled faster and for longer when they sipped on a sports drink compared to when they ate a banana doesn’t mean that you will too.

Your golf tournament foods or snacks should not hinder your ability to play.

The previous two points mean nothing if your golf tournament foods or snacks leads to discomfort. If you’re the type of person who can’t handle a lot of solid food during tournaments, you may have to rely on the more processed foods that I mentioned above.

Fast-burning or high glycemic index carbs (carbohydrates that are absorbed into your bloodstream at a faster rate; these include foods like white bread, pretzels and dried fruits) may also be a better choice than slow-burning or low glycemic index carbs (carbohydrates that are absorbed at a slower rate; these include many whole grains, beans, legumes, most fruits, and vegetables).

Golf Snacks – Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruit and nuts are another healthy option because they’re energy dense but don’t take up a lot of room in your stomach.

Likewise, the previous two points also mean nothing if you’re not taking in enough fuel to play your best. Throughout the years, I’ve seen many golfers who don’t pack enough food, who barely eat any food at all, or who subsist solely off of highly processed foods like energy drinks, candy bars, and potato chips.

Eating too few calories is a problem I see players make often, and I think it’s one big reason why many golfers crash at the end of the day. Even eating incredibly healthy, nutrient-dense foods that I would otherwise recommend as a heathy snack — raspberries and kale, for example — will not provide enough calories to fuel you through a tournament.

Quantity and quality need to be taken into consideration: focus on getting enough calories from high quality foods, and aim to get carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein in every snack to provide sustained energy.

Other Golf Tournament Foods Tips

Eat often

Many sports nutritionists say that once you’re thirsty, you’re becoming inadequately hydrated–and you’re already playing below your optimal level. Hunger is similar, but the effects are even more pronounced–once you’re hungry, your abilities are reduced significantly.

Your decision-making may also take a hit; hunger strikes, and you’re no longer the best golfer you can be. For most people, I recommend eating small amounts of food often (every couple of holes, for example) as opposed to large amounts only a few times a day.

This will provide your body with sustained energy, and your GI tract won’t be as stressed since you’re eating such small amounts of food.

Bring options

I could probably live off the golf tournament foods in my tournament bag for three days — not because I actually eat that much, but because I want options.

I don’t eat all of my food–or even come close to it–because the point is to have options when I come off the course. Sometimes I want a bite of a bar and sometimes I want a handful of snap peas. Packing options will allow you to eat the food that your body wants at that specific time, maximizing performance and minimizing GI discomfort.

Ideal Snacks

Banana and Justin’s Nut Butter

A banana contains easy-to-digest carbohydrates, while Justin’s Nut Butter squeeze packs provide more calorie-dense energy with protein and fats .These are perfect sideline snacks because both are portable; and the squeeze packs allow you to squeeze out as much or as little almond or peanut butter as you want.

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Golf Tournament Food Guide – 3 Key Meals You Should Eat During Upstream Golf Tournament

Eating healthy food during or before a golf tournament is important to you as a golfer. This golf tournament food guide is important to help you know what to take for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It ensures that they take the right food and at the right time. This is key especially during a golf tournament.

Anybody who has been involved with either running or organizing a golf tournament knows that the actual golf is a very small part of a larger event.

Many times, more people attend the dinner and awards reception than those who actually play in the tournament. Why? Because not everybody plays golf, but everybody eats!

In this article, we go over the dos and do not’s of arranging your tournament’s food & beverage order.

Breakfast Golf Tournament Food Guide

The most important meal of the day, right? Right! As a golfer, set yourself up for success with arranging a breakfast prior to tee off. The beauty of breakfast is that your options are open, it’s easy to find something that fits perfectly with what you want to do.

Another beauty of a golfing breakfast? It’s usually one of the most cost effective options to add value to your tournament. To keep things simple, a continental breakfast will keep everybody happy with only standard continental breakfast items and coffee/ juice varieties.

You can also have a classic breakfast buffet with scrambled eggs and the regular breakfast favourites.

Lunch – Golf Tournament Food Guide

As with breakfast, you have so many options with lunch, you can tailor your choice to fit exactly what you want. If you were going to include lunch prior or during play, your two best options are: either a classic box lunch or a BBQ lunch at the turn.

The box lunch standard includes: a deli sandwich, bag of chips, cookie, and bottled water. Vegetarians or tuna sandwiches are often add-ons… typically box lunches are split between ham and turkey. The box lunch is a great way for you as a players to have a portable option that you can pick up and put away as they like.

BBQ Lunch

A BBQ lunch at the turn is something easily done, as long as it is coordinated well with the golf course staff. Many courses have BBQ grills that can be set up in high traffic areas of the course.

You will get a lunch ticket for the BBQ station, and the player can pick up a hamburger/chicken burger, any sides provided, and something to wash it all down. For something a little more formal, arrange a buffet lunch for prior to or following the tournament.

Buffet options will typically range from a BBQ-style buffet similar to what is mentioned above, to a ‘Build-Your-Own’-style taco and fajita buffet, a classic American buffet with roasted tri-tip and marinated chicken, or even a trip through Italy with your choice of pasta and chicken parmigiana.

The golf course will usually be more than happy to work with you on a specialized lunch tailored to your needs. Lunch is an important part of golf tournament food guide. When ordering a buffet, be sure to clarify with the golf course on what food items are/are not subject to an extra sales tax or service charge. To save yourself from any surprises on the day of, just ask your tournament manager to include all taxes and service fees within the overall price per guest.

Upstream Golf – Dinner After Playing

You made it! You have had a long day and I can bet that you are starving. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to network with other guests and have a great reception.

As mentioned previously, golf is only a small part of the upstream tournament day. It is best to think of the tournament as a full event and not just a ‘golf tournament.’

You’ll be surprised at how many people show up for the dinner who did not actually play in the tournament, and knowing this, the dinner and awards ceremony are another opportunity to network, fundraise, and get to know more people. 

Appetizers at tournament reception dinners are typically served buffet-style unless servers are pre-arranged with the food and beverage team. You will also enjoy a full dinner meal as well as drinks.

The golf awards and reception dinner is the highlight of the upstream golf event. This is where everyone gathers to enjoy the food, the prize awards ceremony, the raffle, and announcements.

It marks the end of months of planning and hard work for our team. We take this opportunity to thank you for coming together to make the 2020 edition of upstream golf tournament a success.

We celebrate the conclusion of another great event and wish to remind you to save the date for next year! It will be held on Friday, 19th February, 2021at Sigona Golf Club.

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Upstream Golf Tournament Checklist

Upstream golf tournament checklist is meant to help you prepare for your golf outing. This golf tournament is expected to be fun and exciting. It is great that you have chosen to play and be part of this year’s tournament.

Each one of us is successful at something in life. This could be in your career, parenting, society, sports or other recreational activities.

If you think about the areas in your life that you are most successful in, you will see that most times you feel very comfortable. In most cases, there is a process to the activity, where you prepare for the success.

That process took you months, or even years to put in place and turn it into an efficient set of activities that has lead up to your current success.

Upstream Golf Tournament Checklist

Golf is no different.  The following list will give you an idea of some things you can do to be more comfortable and most importantly consistent during the upstream golf tournament this year.

This list can be added to and area taken off to be tailored to match your needs, but remember the 5 P’s – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Upstream Golf Tournament Checklist

Practice before the Tournament

  • Look for yardage book in golf shop
  • Stretch, stay hydrated, and warm up as usual, don’t overdo it
  • Make sure to spend ½ the time on the putting green learning the speed
  • Don’t keep score. You don’t want to set high or low expectation for the actual tournament round
  • Hit putts from different angles and distances.  Try to imagine where the hole locations will be placed for the tournament and record them in your yardage book
  • Make notes in your yardage book or scorecard where not to miss shots and what angles are best for approach shots
  • After the round is over evaluate where you could have preformed better and run through those areas on the range, but only for a short time don’t over do it.
  • Check your tee time before leaving and also check in with the tournament staff to let them know you are there.

Night before Golf Tournament

  • In bed by 10:00 or 10:30
  • Clean all clubs in bag
  • Bring water bottle, power bar (Eat and drink every 3 hole)
  • Make sure you have balls, tees, gloves, umbrella (just in case it rains)
  • Stretch and light workout
  • Play the golf course mentally, if you have played it before
  • Don’t eat anything that could make you sick or not feel well for the next day.

Morning of the Upstream Golf Tournament

  • Have a good breakfast, think protein
  • Remember Tee Time, don’t be late
  • Always arrive at the golf course the same amount of time before your tee time to prevent getting bored or feeling rushed before your tee time
  • Go over yardage book and golf course mentally on ride to golf course
  • Stretch and light physical warm up
  • Warm up as usual, don’t do more or less, try to hit the same amount of ball each round
  • Don’t set you expectations before you tee it up, good or bad, but think positively
  • Go to first tee get a tournament scorecard and pin location sheet


In conclusion, each of your processes will be slightly different, but the point is to get in a routine and stick with it. Creating this process will only add to your level of comfort at the golf course during the upstream golf tournament.

And just as we talked about earlier when you are comfortable, you will have a great and enjoyable round of golf.

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How To Prepare For Golf Tournament This Year

Prepare for golf tournament – Preparation is a key factor in determining your final performance. However, many amateurs overlook this simple area.  Great golf tournament preparation is a quick win for boosting performance and saving a couple of shots each round.

Upstream Oil and Gas Golf

Upstream oil and gas golf tournament is hosted every year, and this year it is coming up in a few weeks.

Since inception in 2017, the golf tournament provides an annual platform for the oil and gas value chain to engage, network and discuss key issues in the industry.

I have therefore put together this article to get you in the best possible shape to achieve success during the upstream golf tournament:

Why Prepare for a Golf Tournament?

What will your strategy be for the round? Do you know what clubs you’ll hit off each tee and into the greens and where your targets will be? What are the good misses and the bad misses for each shot? What are the slopes on the greens? This will all need to be figured out before your round, so you get to each tee box feeling 100% prepared.

Golf Tournament Preparation – Short Game

At this point your aim is not to change or refine your short game technique. Instead, your aim here is to get very good at guessing what shots to play, how the ball reacts out of different lies and how the ball lands and rolls on and around the greens.

How to Win at Upstream Oil and Gas Golf Tournament.

Many of our behaviours and actions are predetermined by what is already in our subconscious mind. With the subconscious mind not being able to reason or know the difference between what is real or imagined, you can shape it on how to win at golf tournaments by using visualization.

Spend 5-10 minutes before each round, imagining yourself hitting the shots you would like to in the round.

By seeing this success before you play, you give your subconscious mind a “green light” that it is something to move towards and not be fearful of.

What to Avoid the Evening before a Golf Tournament

Going over all the possible scenarios and outcomes for the golf tournament round the evening before is only going to create performance anxiety.

You’ve done your preparation, you have your plan and you have to do your best to take your mind off it.

If you notice yourself fretting about it or giving it too much attention, direct your attention elsewhere and do something that takes your mind away from it.

Practice Golf Prior to a Tournament

Most good golfers try to practice how they play. This means a couple of different things.

First, you prepare for golf tournament with a purpose. You put yourself in a realistic game time situation. It is important to get your mind used to some pressure.

Use games or compete against a friend before the upcoming upstream golf tournament. Take it seriously and get used to “grinding”. This will not only help your game, but it will get you ready for tournament golf.

The second thing to remember is to develop a repeatable pre-shot routine. The same pre-shot routine should be done on each shot during practice rounds – not just each shot during tournament rounds.

This will help you get in a groove and repeat your swing.

Be Aware of Your Golf Swing Tension

Before and during any round, tension awareness is key, even more so when playing under pressure.

Tension and tempo changes the golf swing more than anything else, so noticing grip pressure, tension in arms and shoulders etc., should be an integral part of your pre-round warm up and then maintaining it during your round.

Golf Tournament Grind

Golf is a difficult game, which is one of the great allures of the game. There are too many variables in the game for it to ever be easy or for a player to attain perfection.

There will always be ups and downs – the ups being easier to deal with than the downs. Accepting that you will make mistakes and that there will be challenges to overcome is a positive step.

Have a plan for dealing with the bad breaks, 3 putts, double bogeys and the like. These are an inevitable part of the game, so it’s better to prepare for them than be shocked by them!

Prepare Mentally for a Golf Tournament

 “There’s golf and then there’s tournament golf”. All of us that have played in golf tournaments understand what this quote means. This quote does not just apply to professional golf events.

Amateur golfers can feel the same nerves before a big event. The mental aspect of the game has ended a lot of good players’ careers. Golf seems to be tougher than other sports when it comes to the mental side.

Getting mentally prepared to play can be the difference between a good round and a bad one.

Whatever the tournament or round, the way you are going to get access to the best skills you have on that day is through the mental game.

Warming Up before the Golf Tournament

Too many players use the warm-up as a practice session and begin judging their swing and making fixes.

For me, the purpose of the warm-up is physically warm-up your muscles, find your rhythm, be aware of any tension, and get into “playing mode” by going through your pre shot routine and hitting some of the shots you’ll be faced with on the course.

Try limiting the number of balls you hit to 26 (2 balls with each club) or 39 ball (3 balls with each club). This will get you more into the “one shot mentality” and you will be less tempted to try and fix your swing.

What You Should Eat Before Golf Tournament.

Eating and drinking properly in the days leading up to, the morning of, and during your rounds will undoubtedly be a factor in your performance.

Proper diet, and food biting during a round of golf will help you in having great concentration. In addition, you will avoid being fatigued.


In conclusion, golf is a privilege not an entitlement. A shift in perspective can help take some pressure off.

Have an attitude of gratitude attitude for the opportunity to be out there playing our beautiful game, there are many worse things that you could be doing, so enjoy it and embrace it!

If you have found this of use please share it using one of the social buttons. Your friends might enjoy it too.

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Upstream Golf – 5 Ways To Prepare for the Golf Tournament

Upstream golf tournament is taking place soon. I have been getting a lot of emails from golfers and interested participants. The questions are pretty similar – people want to know how to prepare for this upstream golf tournament.

While I cannot tell you the magical secret to shooting low scores during upstream golf tournament, I do have a few ideas on how to give yourself the best chance of having a great time and success at the golf course.

You Should Study the Golf Course

This year’s annual upstream golf tournament will be played at the Muthaiga Golf Club in Nairobi. You might be familiar with the terrain at this golf course. If you are not, I would encourage that you take some time to either play there before the tournament, or study the course by using the Google Earth tool.

I would recommend finding time to have a few practice rounds at the course beforehand. This would work if you have time to do so.

The goal of studying the golf course in advance is to familiarize yourself with key yardages off the tee, and help you make decisions ahead of time on what clubs you will use or the key targets to aim for.

It would also help identifying areas around the greens. This would help you to avoid trouble or making mistakes on the greens.

Arrive Early for the Upstream Golf Tournament

The last thing you want to do is feel like you are rushed before a round. I recommend giving yourself anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes beforehand to show up.

That way you can go through a proper warm up on the range. If you show up 15 minutes before your tee time you may not be as calm as you should be on the first tee.

Arriving early before your round of golf has another benefit to the entire tournament. It helps avoid crowded tee-offs, which is something we have had to deal with in the previous golf tournament.

Get the Speed of the Greens

This is a big one. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a tournament is not spending enough time on the putting green beforehand.

It is very possible that the greens you are used to are going to be slower than the ones you will face. Give yourself a good 15-20 minutes to putt so you can familiarize yourself with what the speeds will be that day.

If you skip this part, then you might struggle earlier in your round controlling your distance.

Expect the Unexpected

Tournament golf is not like your normal weekend round with your buddies. It is a completely different animal. When you have real pressure on every single shot, some unexpected things might occur.

You could miss a few short putts that people normally give to you. Tee shots might be a little more wayward than usual. Also, your reaction to poor shots might be met with more anxiety, and all of a sudden your mind is racing.

The biggest mistake most players make is that they assume the round is going to go as planned, and that they can expect a similar environment to their recreational rounds.

Don’t be shocked if you are more nervous than usual and your swing doesn’t behave normally. Big numbers can pop up unfortunately. This is all part of the learning process. The more you play competitive golf, the more comfortable you will feel in that environment.

Being a Friday, this  tournaments is going to be one round. Therefore, you really just have to accept that any version of your golf game can show up.

Have Fun during the Upstream Golf Tournament

This is the best news; nothing is really on the line for you during upstream golf tournament. Professional golfers usually have a difficult time during golf tournament. This is because their livelihoods are at stake each time they go for a tee off.

Not for you though. You might like to play competitively, but it is still not your vocation. Remember that when you tee it up during this event, this is not a life or death situation. However, if you and your friends decide to make it as such, proceed and have fun.

You will play your best in this tournament when you enjoy your time out there, strike up conversations with your playing partners, and remember that it is just for fun.

That’s not always so easy to do when you’re in the heat of the moment, but I believe it is something you should keep trying to remind yourself. You are here to network and build business relationships. Keep it easy


In conclusion, you might think that you need to approach this tournament differently than your normal golf outings. You should not.

In my opinion, this just adds to the stress to a game that should be mostly fun. We have put upstream golf tournament together to provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the game, network and learn more about the upstream oil and gas industry in Kenya.

Generally I find that most golfers approach tournaments way too seriously. They think they have to do something differently or special in order to play well. In my opinion this just adds more stress and pressure to a situation that should be mostly fun.

We have no intention of making this tournament stressful for you. We want you to enjoy the golf and the experiences at the upstream golf tournament.

We have partnered with several organizations to ensure that you have a great upstream golf tournament experience. I will be sharing with you the names of those sponsors and partners soon.

That being said, if you like to get the competitive juices flowing, it is a great way to add another dimension to your enjoyment of the upstream golf tournament this year.

Here are the 9 reasons you should participate at this year’s upstream golf tournament. If you have any question, ask below or leave a comment.

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