3 Ways on How Business Training Works in the Oil and Gas Industry

business training

Business training is an aspect of your business life that should be continuous. The world is changing and this requires that you adapt to new ways of doing things.

This has been made a reality by the impact covid-19 is having on the business environment today.

What does training mean for business?

To understand what training means for your business, it would be a good thing to first define what we mean by training here.

This would be defined as the process of increasing knowledge and skills of the people who work in your business so that they can perform their jobs effectively.

It costs money and businesses usually report significant training costs in their profit and loss accounts.

How does business training work?

In this article, I will argue that there are three ideas of how this works

  • Trainee attends the training program
  • He or she learns new knowledge or skills
  • The student then applies the new skills to their workplace

From the above, your organization is going to greatly benefit from the results of such a program.

What are 3 types of training?

Being familiar with these basic types helps teams focus and more easily land on the structure of the business training program.

In this regard, you should know that there are really only three types of employee training that you need to address:

  • New job training
  • Developmental opportunities training.
  • Transitional training.

Disadvantages of Staff Training:

While knowledge and skill development is an integral part of business development, the question begs; are there disadvantages of staff training?

Yes there are.

These would include;

  • Wastage of money and time
  • Too much theoretical knowledge
  • Loss of interest
  • Employees might leave for new jobs.
  • Increased stress


As we conclude, it is important to remember that the purpose of business training is to improve productivity.

Your workforce will acquire knowledge and skills which will enable them to perform their tasks more effectively.

This will in turn increase productivity and thus your business revenues. You will be happy with your bottom line if you invest in training programs, both on-site or online business courses.