11 Advantages or Benefits of Business Incubation

benefits of business incubation

Starting a business is not an easy task. As an entrepreneur, you require a lot of help and guidance to make it in the world of business. You might get that help from business incubators or accelerators. In this article, I will share with you the benefits of business incubation and why you should consider them.

The idea of a business incubator is to provide a platform for supporting early-stage businesses or start ups. Business incubation companies do this by providing basic support services.

You will get support in terms of administrative services, as well as other resources that would help your business in early days.

In most cases, these services and resources are important for a new business.

However, when starting a business, they can make your start up phase expensive. That is why incubation makes sense to many entrepreneurs.

There are many private firms and government agencies that provide incubation services to business. The benefits of business incubation are many, and it is my goal to inform you about them.

Benefits of Business Incubation

Here are the benefits of business incubation;

  1. Advisory services
  2. It saves time and money
  3. Lower rent payments
  4. Mentorship and access to experts
  5. Financial management support
  6. Networking opportunities
  7. Access to resources
  8. Business growth opportunities
  9. Management support
  10. Marketing Assistance
  11. Access to business training

As an entrepreneur, you need support to support or accelerate your business growth.

That is one of the things that business incubation helps you with. The program is going to capture your idea uniqueness, and provide support to achieve full potential.

By doing this, business incubators help new businesses grow and succeed. This is important in an economy, as business create jobs and long-term wealth.

Let us now look at the specific benefits of business incubation.

11 Advantages or Benefits of Business Incubation

When you join a business incubation program, you get the following nine benefits or advantages;

  1. Advisory services

When starting out, you need to have guidance on how to do certain business things.

Business incubation provides advisory services to your business. This closes the information or knowledge gap that you might have.

You will be able to avoid a lot of mistakes that you would otherwise make without advise from an expert.

  1. It saves time and money

One of the key benefits of business incubation is that you are going to save time and money.

This will come from the savings you make by sharing business services. You will realize that business incubation provides administrative support services.

For example, you might find that you have access to a telephone, printing and faxing facilities among others.

  1. Lower rent payments

When starting a business, you will find that office rent can be very prohibitive. Office real estate can very expensive for your new business.

Being in a business incubation centre, you are going to pay lower office rent payments.

Having office space to be able to run your business is extremely important in the success of any business.

This is an advantage and a benefit to you as an entrepreneur.

  1. Mentorship and access to experts

It is very important to have mentorship when building a business. You will get a lot of value from your mentor.

A business incubation program provides you with access to mentors and professional experts.

  1. Financial management support

One of the challenges of business start-ups is lack of capital or enough funding.

You might be able to secure financial support a benefit of being part of a business incubation program. Some programs will even find investors or link you up with potential investors.

These programs will offer you access to more funding opportunities from many different sources.

Some of these programs will allow you to meet potential private investors.

It is estimated that 40% of investment-seeking companies source their opportunities through a direct incubation program.

  1. Networking opportunities

When it comes to business, networking is very important. It is one of the ways in which you connect to other entrepreneurs.

Being at a business incubation program, you will have ability to meet other business owners. This provides great networking opportunities for you.

The networks you create as part of business incubation process provide synergies that might outlive your time at the program.

  1. Access to resources

You are going to have access to resources that you might otherwise not have access to.

This includes office equipment, funding and human resources among others.

This is one of the advantages of business incubation.

  1. Business growth opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for business growth when you join a business incubation program.

Some of the business incubators focus on growing the business. This could include having a successful product launch.

In this regard, the benefit of business incubation is the ability to reduce your time to market.

  1. Management support

When you start you business, and join a business incubation process, you will get management support.

This will be from experienced executives who will guide you on how things work. You can tap into their experience and their networks.

This is in addition to having financial support as a benefit of business incubation.

  1. Marketing Assistance

As a business, you will be able to reap the benefits of being promoted by the organization running the business incubation program.

This will help your firm gain traction and step into the spotlight. You get expert marketing advice for your brand.

  1. Access to Business Training

Business incubation programs usually have resources and staff that will provide you with training.

This can be from accounting, marketing, product development and customer management.

You get the knowledge from the best minds.

How Incubation Helps You

As you can see, there is value in using business incubation as part of your entrepreneurship journey.

There are numerous benefits of business incubation as you have found above. I am sure there are things you would love to have support with as you start your business.

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Business incubation is an idea you should consider.

The goal of the incubation is to help create and grow businesses by providing them with necessary support which includes financial and technical services.

Such a program would be considered successful when it produces firms that are viable and can survive on their own.

How Business Incubation Works

If you are interested in getting into a business incubator, you should know how business incubation works.

In this section, I intend to share with you three important aspects of how this works.

  1. Admission process.

Business incubation usually involves an admission process. This means you need to apply, get vetted and if you qualify, you get admitted into the incubation program.

This process helps to give the most qualified entrepreneurs or start-ups.

Potential candidates must go through a competitive and comprehensive admission process.

Although each incubator formulates its own admission requirements and process, the admission process usually includes the completion of the application form, as well as in-person interviews.

The ultimate goal of the process is to determine the viability of a start-up’s idea and the ability of the company’s management team to realize the idea

  1. Spending time at the Incubation Centre

Once you have been admitted into the program, you then spend time at the business incubation program.

It might take you months, and even years as you get benefits of business incubation.

As discussed earlier in this post, there are many benefits you can accrue from the incubation.

You will grow your business, and you will also be able to save time as well as money.

Other benefits of business incubation include access to resources, financial support and mentorship or advisory services.

  1. Mentorship and Advisory Support

As you spend time at the incubation centre, you are going to benefit from mentorship and advisory services.

The management of the business incubator will help you to achieve success in your business.

You will have access to professionals and experts in your area of interest. They will provide you with advice and also provide mentorship.

This support is very important when you are starting a business. You learn from the best, and from people who have done the work in practical ways.


In conclusion, business incubation plays a big role in supporting new and young businesses.

It is an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

When you start a business, you need to have support in order to succeed.

A business incubation program will help you, by providing the basic support services a business requires.

These would include shared offices, administrative services and also mentorship or advisory services.

It helps to have someone holding your hand when you are building your business.

If you join an incubation program, you are likely to get all the above benefits of business incubation.