BASF – Global Oilfield Chemicals for the East African Market


BASF provides a range of high-quality chemicals for oil and gas exploration and production. This enable customers to meet technical challenges encountered in the field.

By constantly improving the quality and reliability of our chemical solutions, we help service companies to meet the industry’s overall drive for greater efficiency and productivity.

BASF in East Africa

East Africa has become a focal point for oil and gas exploration after discoveries were made in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

One of the major challenges faced in this region is the high wax content and elevated pour point of the oil, making viscosity levels too high to easily produce.

Due to the year-round mild temperatures experienced in East Africa, there is little chance for nature to create workable conditions for the oil.

Therefore, heating or chemical injection is required to decrease the viscosity and allow the oil to be commercially produced.

BASF Basoflux Brand

BASF has designed a wide range of high-performance products, under the Basoflux® brand.

This will help you mitigate paraffin deposits and significantly lower the pour point of paraffinic crude.

How BASF PPDs and paraffin inhibitor products work

Upon cooling, wax separates out as plate-like crystals or needles. These crystals interact to form a three- dimensional network in which the crude oil is trapped. This results in increased viscosity or even solidification of the bulk oil phase.

Pour Point Depressants (PPDs) affect the crystallization process and prevent the formation of such three-dimensional networks, thereby reducing the pour point.

Wax inhibitors generally influence the crystal morphology of wax. This creates weaker deposits which are more easily removed by shear forces within the flowing crude.

All Basoflux® products act as highly effective paraffin inhibitors, with the following benefits:

  • Under the correct conditions, they prevent wax deposition on pipeline walls
  • They have proven performance in a variety of crudes
  • By dispersing paraffins back into the oil, the potential waste stream is minimized. This creates additional revenues through increased sales volume (less pipeline downtime) and decreases disposal expenditure


Our product offering is varied and includes the following chemistries:

  • Maleic Alpha Olefine (MAO)
  • EVA / Acrylates
  • Poly (Meth) Acrylates
  • Hyperbranched bases

Innovation based on creating more sustainable, high-performing products to make our customers more successful, is at the heart of BASF’s strategy.

We continuously invest in improving this offering and have several new paraffin inhibitor products in our pipeline.

Increasing the efficiency of water-oil separation with demulsifiers

As the importance of oil increases in East Africa, so does the volume of oil produced.

One of the most important objectives of any oil production facility is the separation of water from produced crude (demulsification). The quick and efficient breaking of these emulsions is essential to meet tight downstream crude oil specifications.

BASF offers a wide variety of demulsifiers from different chemical classes to help our customers make tailor-made, high-performance formulations. Demulsifiers from the Basorol® portfolio are especially designed for fast water dropping, drying and desalting.

In order to optimize performance, it may be beneficial to blend two or more Basorol® types together. Based on our experience with these chemistries in multiple oils, we have found it is possible to treat many crudes worldwide.

We treat the crudes with a combination of alkoxylated alkyl phenol resins and alkoxylated polyethyleneimines from BASF.

Please contact your nearest BASF representative for more information about our portfolio, and to discover which chemistries might work well for your specific application.

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