Upstream Golf – 5 Ways To Prepare for the Golf Tournament

upstream golf tournament

Upstream golf tournament is taking place soon. I have been getting a lot of emails from golfers and interested participants. The questions are pretty similar – people want to know how to prepare for this upstream golf tournament.

While I cannot tell you the magical secret to shooting low scores during upstream golf tournament, I do have a few ideas on how to give yourself the best chance of having a great time and success at the golf course.

You Should Study the Golf Course

This year’s annual upstream golf tournament will be played at the Muthaiga Golf Club in Nairobi. You might be familiar with the terrain at this golf course. If you are not, I would encourage that you take some time to either play there before the tournament, or study the course by using the Google Earth tool.

I would recommend finding time to have a few practice rounds at the course beforehand. This would work if you have time to do so.

The goal of studying the golf course in advance is to familiarize yourself with key yardages off the tee, and help you make decisions ahead of time on what clubs you will use or the key targets to aim for.

It would also help identifying areas around the greens. This would help you to avoid trouble or making mistakes on the greens.

Arrive Early for the Upstream Golf Tournament

The last thing you want to do is feel like you are rushed before a round. I recommend giving yourself anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes beforehand to show up.

That way you can go through a proper warm up on the range. If you show up 15 minutes before your tee time you may not be as calm as you should be on the first tee.

Arriving early before your round of golf has another benefit to the entire tournament. It helps avoid crowded tee-offs, which is something we have had to deal with in the previous golf tournament.

Get the Speed of the Greens

This is a big one. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during a tournament is not spending enough time on the putting green beforehand.

It is very possible that the greens you are used to are going to be slower than the ones you will face. Give yourself a good 15-20 minutes to putt so you can familiarize yourself with what the speeds will be that day.

If you skip this part, then you might struggle earlier in your round controlling your distance.

Expect the Unexpected

Tournament golf is not like your normal weekend round with your buddies. It is a completely different animal. When you have real pressure on every single shot, some unexpected things might occur.

You could miss a few short putts that people normally give to you. Tee shots might be a little more wayward than usual. Also, your reaction to poor shots might be met with more anxiety, and all of a sudden your mind is racing.

The biggest mistake most players make is that they assume the round is going to go as planned, and that they can expect a similar environment to their recreational rounds.

Don’t be shocked if you are more nervous than usual and your swing doesn’t behave normally. Big numbers can pop up unfortunately. This is all part of the learning process. The more you play competitive golf, the more comfortable you will feel in that environment.

Being a Friday, this  tournaments is going to be one round. Therefore, you really just have to accept that any version of your golf game can show up.

Have Fun during the Upstream Golf Tournament

This is the best news; nothing is really on the line for you during upstream golf tournament. Professional golfers usually have a difficult time during golf tournament. This is because their livelihoods are at stake each time they go for a tee off.

Not for you though. You might like to play competitively, but it is still not your vocation. Remember that when you tee it up during this event, this is not a life or death situation. However, if you and your friends decide to make it as such, proceed and have fun.

You will play your best in this tournament when you enjoy your time out there, strike up conversations with your playing partners, and remember that it is just for fun.

That’s not always so easy to do when you’re in the heat of the moment, but I believe it is something you should keep trying to remind yourself. You are here to network and build business relationships. Keep it easy


In conclusion, you might think that you need to approach this tournament differently than your normal golf outings. You should not.

In my opinion, this just adds to the stress to a game that should be mostly fun. We have put upstream golf tournament together to provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the game, network and learn more about the upstream oil and gas industry in Kenya.

Generally I find that most golfers approach tournaments way too seriously. They think they have to do something differently or special in order to play well. In my opinion this just adds more stress and pressure to a situation that should be mostly fun.

We have no intention of making this tournament stressful for you. We want you to enjoy the golf and the experiences at the upstream golf tournament.

We have partnered with several organizations to ensure that you have a great upstream golf tournament experience. I will be sharing with you the names of those sponsors and partners soon.

That being said, if you like to get the competitive juices flowing, it is a great way to add another dimension to your enjoyment of the upstream golf tournament this year.

Here are the 9 reasons you should participate at this year’s upstream golf tournament. If you have any question, ask below or leave a comment.